Motors Inc. Ltd, the official distributor of renowned automotive brands, including Jeep, Kia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Iveco, Abarth, and Hyundai, has entered into an agreement with HandsOn Systems, an international technology company specialising in GPS tracking, usage-based insurance, RFID asset tracking and task management software.

As part of this partnership, Motors Inc. Ltd clients can now purchase car EV chargers directly from Motors Inc. when ordering their new electric vehicle. The partnership will allow clients to enjoy the benefits of having a reliable, convenient and efficient charging solution for their electric vehicles right at their doorstep.

Having an EV charger installed at home provides numerous benefits, including the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at your own leisure, reducing the time spent on public or normal charging, and helping to minimize the dependence on fossil fuels. The installation of an EV charger at home also adds to the overall value of your property and gives peace of mind.

“This partnership between Motors Inc. Ltd and HandsOn Systems underscores our commitment to promotethe use of sustainable transportation and reduce our carbon footprint,” a spokesman for Motors Inc. said. “With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, this partnership is an important step towards creating a smarter, more efficient future for everyone.”

“We are thrilled to partner with HandsOn Systems to bring our clients a seamless, comprehensive experience when it comes to charging their electric vehicles. “We are committed to making the transition to electric vehicles as smooth and convenient as possible, and this partnership is a crucial step in achieving that goal,” the spokesman added.

“HandsOn Systems leverages economies of scale in partnerships like that with Motors Inc. and we are confident that the EV chargers will ensure a seamless transition to electrified transportation in Malta and Gozo,” a HandsOn Systems spokesman said.