Best-looking in its class

Small Opel, big splash: The ADAM S pocket rocket was one of the big winners at the “autonis – Best Design Newcomer 2015” readers’ choice awards. A huge majority of the 17,000 participants voted for the Opel ADAM S as the best-looking car in its class.

“17,000 readers cannot be wrong! The convincing win of the ADAM S is a fantastic confirmation of our design philosophy: Sculptural Artistry meets German Precision. In addition, the ADAM shines with sheer endless individualisation possibilities, giving every customer the opportunity to create an ADAM according to their personal taste,” said jubilant Mark Adams, Vice President Design Europe, at the award ceremony in Stuttgart, Germany.

The autonis readers’ choice award held by automotive magazine auto motor und sportfollows its own set of rules: Each participant can vote, two for positive and two for negative assessments. The final result is based on the following calculation: If, for example, 20 per cent vote for model A as the winner and five per cent see it as a flop, model A receives overall score of 15. This result then determines the final position of model A. The ADAM S received an outstanding overall score of 50.1; the closest competitor only achieved a score of 29.8. The editors of auto motor und sport thus commented in their latest edition: “Opel ADAM S – incredibly versatile in configuring an unmistakable look.”

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