Motors Inc. unveiled with a strong portfolio of car brands and services

Motors Inc. is the new company formed following the merger between Cars International and Pater Holding. Cars International is co-owned by Tum Invest and United Group, while Pater Holding owns UCIM, Meridian Enterprises and Waldorf Auto Services.

The plan to merge was first announced in June and the deal has now officially gone through.

The new joint venture is now equally owned by Pater Holding, Tum Invest and United Group and represents a range of brands that include Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Professional Vehicles, Hyundai, Iveco, Jeep, Kia, Opel, Saab, DFM and Waxoyl.

A spokesman for the new company said the merger into Motors Inc. provides a great opportunity to maximise talent potential, opera­tional efficiency and cost-effectiveness by joining winning forces.

“Together, we share heritage and a wealth of experience. This combined effort and valuable resources make us strong and puts us in a position to give any car buyer an incomparable and wide offer across all car segments,” said Edmund Gatt Baldacchino, director of United Group.

“Our excellence is based on reliability, trust and a personalised customer service. We believe that this consolidation of our strengths will benefit the consumer, the organisation’s leading position in the Maltese market and greater career growth opportunities for our specialised employees who will now amount to more than 75 across all areas of operations.”

Apart from the portfolio of brands it brings under its um­brella, Motors Inc. particularly distinguishes itself for the after-sales service it continues to offer.

“Today people are pressed for time so they want reliability and comfort, irrespective of their budget when buying a car,” said Anthony Fenech, director of Tum Invest Group. “As they become owners, they want to have peace of mind that if their car needs servi­cing, they can continue with their lives seamlessly with the least inconvenience and have their problem looked into in the shortest time possible.”

“Motors Inc.’s distinction lies in the fact that the set-up holds the client’s hand from the first time they come across our company and brands, to taking them through the first-hand experience of test-driving any car they wish for, helping them in the decision-making to choose the right car according to their needs, lifestyle and budget, meeting them half way with part exchanges and flexible payment terms,” said Prof. John Mamo, chairman of Pater Holding.

“This personalised service is surely to translate into customers developing a sense of belonging to the Motors Inc. extended family, where service is customised and the person on any other side of the line is familiar.

“Since the three shareholding companies have all built trust along the years, whether clients are existing customers or potential ones, the reputation out there is that you can rely on our joint venture and we do go out of our way to make every customer feel counted and well looked after.

“Motors Inc. is a one-stop shop where interested customers can buy new, affordable, high-tech and luxury cars, approved second-hand and commercial vehicles. Its customers can rely on the full suite of repairs, maintenance and after-sales service.”

Motors Inc. is at Mdina Road, Qormi. For more information, one may call on 2269 2000, e-mail on [email protected] or follow the Facebook page Motors Inc.